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Elsewhere tells the story of the years we spend struggling to find our true identity, our fully realized self, condensed into one night in New York City. One city block plays home to 5 interconnected stories exploring the phases we grow through in our yearning to get elsewhere.


Elsewhere premiered in April 2013 as an anthology of one act plays by writer/director/actor, Nick Vergara. The enthusiastic audience response planted seeds for Elsewhere's feature film adaptation. Evolving the story from stage to screen began as a series of mixed media workshops - monthly presentations of new and original scenes hosted at Lower East Side art bar, Culturefix. These live performances, accompanied by screenings of experimental short films helped Nick Vergara, his troupe and his audience, envision and shape Elsewhere, the play into Elsewhere the film. These donation based workshops served as phase one in raising funds and awareness for the feature film.


Phase two was the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign kicked off by a special West Coast performance. On April 17th ElsewhereNYC in partnership with Believe Theatrical presented stage and screen shorts featuring the Elsewhere ensemble to a Los Angeles audience. After a successful year of development and fundraising and our recent Indiegogo campaign we are proud to say we have 1/3 of our budget raised. We are now pitching the work to potential producers to match our budget and looking to shoot this fall.



Nick  Vergara

Writer/ Director/ Actor

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